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Bubble Laser Cat Toy

Bubble Laser Cat Toy

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The tumbler-style design with cats' favorite laser can better stimulate their hunting instincts –now have a bubble tea! Put their favourite treats or catnip to provide a fun and interactive playtime!

Key Features

  • Dancing Body
  • Three Modes
  • Intelligent Companion Mode
  • Super Safe (Using Class II Low-level laser)
  • Catnip can be placed
  • Touch to Wake


Product Name: Bubble laser pet toy
Model: W-01
Objective: Cat
Dimensions: 64.5 X 64.5 X 93.5mm
Material: ABS+PC
Battery Capacity: 300mAh
Power Supply: DC SV=1A
Charging Port: Type-C

Package Includes

Bubble laser pet toy X1
USB Cable X1
User Manual X1
Catnip X1

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Reasons to Love

cat playing with toy

360° irregular rotation of laser tube

360° laser catheter to stimulate more hunting games for cats.Low-intensity laser(Class II)is more safe for your cats to play with.

Intelligent & Interactive Mode

The switch toggles between "Slow, Fast, Handheld" depending on the cat's different capturing habits. After it worked for 8 minutes, it automatically goes to sleep and stops moving.

Safer laser

We use a class 2 laser, which is certified harmless to the eyes of cats and humans. Moreover, we used a brown light shield to further weaken the laser light.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews

I love this product- at first when I activated it Hazel would just hide and stare. It has been about 6 weeks and now she will jostle it to turn the laser on and chase it- she must also hit it because it has traveled around the house! A great toy to decrease cat boredom !

Cats love it

My cat is a laser lover, he cries when he can't play with one. Working from home prevents me entertaining him on a whim. The settings are perfect, it shuts off after a time and when he is ready to play again a tap turns it back on. The charge lasts foe a lone time so the down time is minimal.

Emily Thompson
Laser Obsessed Cat Love This

My cat is obsessed with lasers. She absolutely loves that she can bonk this device, and it'll turn on automatically. She likes chewing on the straw part (where the laser comes out). She's managed to put some good teeth marks in the material, but it hasn't broken or become malformed yet.

John Smith
WOW get this toy!!!

Super awesome! The ONLY toy that BOTH my cats love and I needed to help my one cat get more exercise

chrystal dutton
Cat laser

It was great for my cat, who is very active still.