6 Tips For Your Pets Autumn Health

6 Tips For Your Pets Autumn Health

Autumn is coming. For the change of season, below are some tips to keep your pet happy.

For Cats

  • Pay attention to home hygiene. --- Cats are especially prone to health problems during the change of season in autumn, which is also a period of high virus prevalence.Owners must do a good job of cleaning and sanitizing their homes, which can ensure the health of both cats and owners.
  • Let your cat drink more water.--- We all know that cats are not water lovers. When the weather gets cold, it will become even less fond of water. But drinking too little water can cause loss of appetite, poor health, and even urinary tract problems in cats. So owners should let their cats drink more water.
  • Cat's shedding period. --- As the temperature slowly cools in the fall, cats will cyclical change out of their "summer clothes" and prepare a thicker "winter clothes" to keep themselves warm. So when cats change their fur, it is inevitable that hair will fly all over the place. Owners need to help their cats to comb down the floating hair regularly to reduce the occurrence of hairballs. In addition,  the owner can prepare cat grass for your cat.

For Dogs

  • Controlling the diet. --- In the fall, the dog's  appetite will be better than before. If you let your dog eat without limitation, it is likely to cause diarrhea as a result of the digestive system not adapting. Meals should be gradually reduced, and it is best to control the diet by eating less but having more meals. Take care to provide adequate water at all times.
  • Deworming on schedule. --- Fall is the season when parasites thrive. Owners should pay attention to deworming their dogs. In addition to regular grooming, it is important to have your dog dewormed regularly, both internally and externally. This can reduce the incidence of skin diseases and infectious diseases.
  • Keep your dog warm. --- The change of season is the easiest time to get sick, because the temperature changes a lot and your dog can easily catch a cold. In addition to preparing a comfortable and warm bed for them, the suitable temperature is also necessary.