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Why Choosing KitiFish Cat Toy For Your Cat Is A Brilliant Idea?

Laser pointers are a favorite fun play of cats. As you can watch your little lovable pet chasing the red dot. The adorable goldfish design of the KiTiFISH cat toy satisfies your cat’s physical and mental requirements. Especially, it makes them feel like their cute little paws chasing real prey with a feather tail. The smart mode settings and body of the automated laser pointer cat toy attract your cat with seven different movements.

Key Features of KiTiFISH Cat Toy 

The automated laser pointer cat toy of MayMow not only entertains your cat but also keeps them healthy. The attractive bionic goldfish toy always keeps your cat active and curious. Track down to take a brief look at its features which are as follows:
  • Realistic Goldfish Design - This interactive cat toy has an adorable and real goldfish design adjoined with a flowing red-colored feather and delicate gold bell. Do you know that cats like fish? This electronic device allures your cats with its adorable appearance and makes their indoor activities enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Fully Automated with Sleep Mode - Undoubtedly, this pretty kitten toy works automatically to keep your pet busy in movable activities. It could be rechargeable within 45 mins of charging and can work for around 25 minutes. There is a sleep mode in this toy that activates after every five minutes of play. Then the cat toy will go to sleep mode as long as your pet will slightly touches it. With a tough, it will reactivate and play with your cat. This cat toy works as a forever friend for your cat in your absence and gives them endless joy. 
  • 7 Surprising Ways - The electrical chips of this adorable cat toy are set with seven (7) different and surprising moving modes. It will not only fulfill the entertainment purpose of your cat but also give your cat a long-time of exercise. With the different postures and running, it helps your pet to burn energy and stay healthy.
  • Intelligent Care Mode - This cat toy uses its smart sensors to detect obstacles in the way and turn in another direction. Its automatic intelligent mode makes it more impressive. The powerful motors of the toy work accurately on different types of floors, such as tiles, wood, and thin carpet floor.
  • Strong, Safe, and Durable - The best part of the cat toy is that the goldfish body toy is made of high-quality ABS for enduring high pressure. It has a strong push and all material is non-toxic. In this case, the cat toy is safe from getting scratched and bitten by your cats. Even the tail of the goldfish cat toy is prepared of natural goose feather that is of high quality. It has long-endurance than other common tail features. You don’t have to worry about the safety and durability of the toy as it goes along with its premium quality features.
  • Eco-Friendly Material - The quality of the plastic used in KitiFish is fine and offers long-term assistance. The whole material is eco-friendly and harmless for your little pet. It is safe in all ways for your cat and offers a smart play to entertain your cat in your absence. Its features satisfy your cat both physically and mentally.
  • The Fun-Interactive Toy - The exclusive cat goldfish toy specifically designed for cats with moving feathers and a ringing bells. The random movement of the toy surprises the cat by making them unable to predict its location. This feature raises curiosity in the pet to chase the toy.

How does it work?

Start the device by pressing the silver ring button. Once you started it, the red-colored feathers on the body will automatically begins to wave and also make the golden bell rings. This will alert your kitten to hear and follow the toy and catch it. Then it stops after every five minutes and required a soft touch of little paws to reactivate it again.

The cat toys have captivating LED lights to allure cats. Also, it requires USB charging to work. Generally, 30 minutes of USB charging considers using a toy for 30 minutes.

In addition, this toy shows its seven amazing moves to entertain the cat and keep them busy. This toy imitates a goldfish to some extent by spinning, swimming, twirling, and swishing its tail, which attracts the cats. Even it has other features also, such as two motorized wheels that move the toy forward and backward, and do flipping. These features provide your pet with a real hunting experience.

Specifications of Kitifish cat toy

Let’s dive into some specifications of this amazing and smart cat toy to get more knowledge. 

  • The body dimension of the goldfish in the KitiFish toy is 5.6 * 1.8 * 4 cm.
  • The red-feather dimension of the toy is 9*4 cm
  • The weight of the toy is 0.015kg which is perfect for your cat
  • The material used to make this toy is Eco-friendly AB
  • The run time of the kitty toy is 30 minutes with 30 minutes charge.

Why Choose KiTiFISH For Your Cat?

All the above-mentioned features clearly represent the advantages of KiTiFISH. Yet, choosing it for your cat is a brilliant idea because this toy will not only entertain your cat but also make them healthy. Its seven different movements keep your cat curious and make them feel like they are chasing real prey.

Further, its smart and automatic mode settings lessen your worries. The adorable part of this gold-fish cat toy is that it gives pleasure to your pets and satisfies their physical and cognitive needs. So, what are you thinking of? Buy it now to surprise your cat and fulfill your responsibility of caring.

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