How to help your stressed cat?

How to help your stressed cat?

Attention: Your cat may feel anxious or already under pressure.

Because of the epidemic, many people began to adopt pets to keep them company. But pets, like humans, sometimes have emotions. Because cats are very cautious and sensitive animals, even the slightest change can make them depressed. The following signs may help you spot the problem.

help your stressed cat

Signs of a Depressed Cat

  • Sleep disturbance --- Cats usually sleep 9.5 hours a day and rest 5 hours. Stressed cats tend to spend a lot of time awake or in hiding.

  • Destructive/Aggressive behaviour --- If your cat has destructive or aggressive behavior, such as swatting, hissing, or biting, he/she may be retaliating out of stress.

  • Hiding away--- Hiding means they are uncomfortable with their current environment or they feel lonely.

  • Loss of interest in food or not eating--- We all know that cats naturally love to eat. But when a cat is stressed, it will usually stop eating or reduce its food intake.

  • Excessive licking--- Overly "decorated" themselves, frantically licking the hair on their bodies, or even chewing themselves.

  • Becoming less active --- The cat has lost its curiosity about things, even its favorite toys.

How to help your stressed cat?

  • A Safe Space --- Your cats need their own safe space. It could be the bed he/she spends the most time in, or their favourite cat tree, which relaxes them and takes them off guard.
  • Create Safer Hiding Space --- It could be a basket or a few boxes. They can return to when they gets stressed. They may prefer higher, darker, more comfortable places where they feels safer.

  • Clean The Litter Regularly--- Cats need a clean toilet space to call their own. They get nervous if their litter box gets dirty. 

  • Interact with Your Cat --- Play with them every day. Not only does it enhance your relationship with it, but it also will help your cat get the exercise they need while reducing his stress.

The above methods is our suggestions. If necessary, it is advisable to take them to your vet.


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