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The Ultimate 2023 Guide to Buying Wholesale Cat Toys

Cats are an essential piece to providing us with comfort and companionship. Pet owners only want to give the best to their feline friends. From accessories to cat toys, there are a variety of wholesale cat toys and products out on the market today.
What if we told you you could get wholesale cat toys for a discounted cost? Discounted cat toys are possible through wholesale pricing.
As we continue below, we’ll discuss wholesale pricing, the benefits of buying wholesale cat toys, and how to identify quality cat toys in the wholesale market.

What is Wholesale Pricing?

Wholesale pricing is what we pay a manufacturer for their cat toys and other pet products. Based on the type of material, availability, and customer demand, wholesale pricing may vary.
With wholesale pricing, customers can sometimes receive a bulk discount when purchasing cat products. Buying in bulk comes with its customer rewards and benefits everyone involved. When customers purchase more, they can expect to receive a bulk discount.

What are the Benefits of Buying Wholesale Cat Toys?

Here are some of the most significant benefits of buying wholesale cat toys.

1. Cost-Effectiveness

One of the most considerable benefits of buying wholesale cat toys is its cost-effectiveness. When purchasing wholesale, it’s typically cheaper than buying a cat toy from retailers at retail pricing. With wholesale pricing costing less, we can allow customers to buy cat toys and other supplies at a discounted rate.
By offering wholesale cat toys, we can continue offering these affordable rates to our customers and keep them low for an extended time. When buying wholesale cat toys, we can reduce our overall operating costs to benefit the customer.
In addition, our customers can save more money on wholesale cat toys and other products they use more frequently. Whether it’s a customer or a business, buying wholesale cat toys is an affordable option.

2. Saves Time & Effort

Another great benefit is that buying wholesale can save customers time and effort. Buying wholesale takes less of an effort than buying from retailers. Often, wholesale purchases involve buying items in more significant quantities, therefore saving customers more time and effort from running around.
Customers can get the cat toy products they need faster and easier without the stress of running to a retailer. Purchasing wholesale cat toys can save customers time and effort and simplify the purchasing process.

3. Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, purchasing wholesale is unmatched. At MayMaw, we are easy to reach, easy to purchase from, and easy to communicate. We pride ourselves on providing a modern-day customer experience to our customers without sacrificing the benefits of our wholesale cat toy prices.

4. Excellent Variety of Cat Products

At MayMaw, we have an excellent variety of cat products provided to our customers. Not only do we provide the most affordable prices, but some of the highest quality too! When placing an order with our wholesale business, customers can rest assured that our cat products and toys come from the manufacturers.

Bubble Laser Cat Toy

At MayMaw, our cat laser toy has a unique design with one of the best lasers that can trigger a cat’s instincts. With the bubble cat laser toy, customers can put their feline friend’s favorite treats inside to provide an engaging and exciting playtime experience.
This one-of-a-kind cat laser toy has all of the features a furry friend would enjoy in a cat toy. The bubble laser cat toy has three unique modes (slow, fast, and handheld), a unique snack hole, and a touch-to-wake feature. Included with the cat laser toy, customers will receive the bubble laser cat toy, USB cable, user manual, and one catnip.
This cat toy is excellent at entertaining cats, having the ability to add any delightful snack such as catnip, treats, and more! With the unique interactive modes, depending on the cat’s habits, customers can switch from slow, fast, or handheld mode. After the cat laser toy has operated for eight minutes, it will go into sleep mode.

TrickyPaw Interactive & Automatic Cat Toy

The automatic cat toy is packed with features and is designed around a cat’s hunting habits. Cats will be intrigued by light, sound, and touch with one cat toy, enough to keep them occupied all day long.
The automatic cat toy provides our feline friend plenty of exercise and mental health and prevents boredom. This cat toy has nine unique sounds, nine programmed routes, textured touch areas, LED lights, and an automatic intelligent mode.

Pet Carrier Backpack

With the pet carrier backpack, customers can purchase this backpack in five colors. This backpack is perfect for cats up to eighteen pounds. With these carriers, customers can take their feline friends to comfortably explore the world.
With a comfortable mat and mesh walls, the pet carrier backpack is very lightweight and cat-friendly. The pet carrier backpack has a long list of features that includes easy storage, 3-in-1 abilities, anti-anxiety for pets, a semi-open window, a safety leash, and an adjustable and washable mat.
With the pet carrier backpack's easy storage feature, customers can fold the bag in two easy steps.

How to Identify Quality Cat Toys in the Wholesale Market

At MayMaw, we understand that not all cat toys are created equal. To identify quality cat toys in the wholesale market, customers should look for durability, quality, if it’s non-toxic, how easy it is to clean, safety, and designs.
  • Designs - When choosing a cat toy, customers can often identify a great cat toy based on its unique design.
  • Durability - Look for tough, strong materials that are durable with cars when it comes to repeated use and scratching.
  • Quality - Quality is another way to identify a quality cat toy based on its construction or stitching.
  • Non-toxic - Our furry friends need to remain safe, so non-toxic materials are always a plus in our book.
  • Easy to clean - Cat toys and other items can often need cleaning due to hair, so materials that are easy to clean are a must.
  • Safety - All cat toys and products have been tested to meet safety standards.

Guide to Buying Wholesale Cat Toys: FAQ

1. Are cat toys regulated?

There are zero government regulations for cat toys and accessories.

2. How big is the cat toy market?

The global market for cat toys surpassed $951.9 million in 2022.

3. What toy do cats like the most?

Cats like toys that roll, lasers to chase after, and automatic cat toys that can provide endless fun for your pet.