MayMaw Inflatable Pet Cone

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MayMaw Inflatable Pet Cone

MayMaw Inflatable Pet Cone



Pet can play freely, eat and drink without hindrance and sleep comfortably. For pet parents, it is very convenient to clean , does not take up space at home, and does not have to worry about increasing the anxiety of the pet's recovery period.

· Unique hand press inflation
· Store in palm size for easy storage
· Allow to eat and drink in comfort
· Super soft
· Super light

Product Name: MayMaw Balloon Collar
Model: PA Care1
Dimension of shipper box : 58*38*37.5cm
Color: Beige, Grey
Quantity in one box : 50 Units
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large

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Why do pet parents need to buy a pet cone?

Pet cone can also prevent pets from eating or swallowing things they shouldn't, such as medications, poisons, or other dangerous items.

Key Features

Unique hand press inflation

Pet parents only needto take 8 seconds to inflate by hand, inflate anytime and anywhere.

Store in palm sizefor easy storage

Like a piece of pizza when folded.

Scratch-resistant, bump-resistant andwaterproof.

Easy to clean, quick dry, wipe with papertowel and ready to use. Don't worry about breeding bacteria.

Super soft + Super light

Allows to eat and drink in comfort. Ourcone's design doesn't block pet's mouth and view.

The button design is easy to wear, and petparents can adjust the button according to the pet's neck.

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Basic Information

How to measure pets'neck and find the right size.
Instructions on how to use our inflatable petcone.

Product name: MayMaw Inflatable Pet Cone
Model: PA Care1
Color: Beige/Grey
Material: Polyester
• Size Small best fits neck girth 6.3" to 7.9"
• Size Medium best fits neck girth 7.9" to 9.8" with the overall depth of 6"
• Size Small: 100.5g
• Size Medium: 127g